The Secret To Eternal Life: Long Term Bonds

Everyone wants to know how to get rich quick, but what do you do with all those Pbs when you become rich? The answer is: make more Pbs from your Pbs.
Long term bonds with NBIC are the perfect way to make your hard earned bucks work for you.
Although it can often be hard to part with your Pbs, it is certainly worth it and the more you have invested (depending on the amount of time its invested for) the more you can gain.
Once the lock in time is over, try to leave the pbs in the account for as long as possible as they will gain interest at higher rates.

HTML Help - Font Colour

HTML is not really as hard as it sounds and is the perfect solution to a boring page. Unfortunately, powerpets has limited the use of HTML codes, but here are a few that are allowed.

Font Colour

The basic code for font colour is:

<font colour="colour">The text you want coloured.</font>

You can use most colour names (such as blue, pink, yellow, red, green, etc.) or if you want something more specific, you can use hex codes. Hex codes are useful because computers arent smart enough to recognize lavender as a colour, as nice as it may be.

Here is a great hex code chart. (click on it to enlarge). When you use a hex code, make sure you put a # infront of the number - so the HTML code for it should look like this:

<font colour=#hexcode>The text you want coloured.</font>

More Ways to Earn Pbs

Yes, I know what you're thinking. I have already posted a top ten list for earning Pbs - but ten is not enough for me. There are so many ways out there to make Pbs, you just have to be creative.
First of all, here are some Pb-making don'ts:
  • DONT make a scam website that asks for passwords (or anything as straightforward as that - yes that means emails as well or whatever other ideas you have). Everyone except the absolute newbiest of newbs knows that when someone asks for your password, its usually a scam. Besides, if the newbs are the only ones you can trick why even waste your time - theyre probably poor anyway, thats why they took a risk with your scam.
  • DONT beg for Pbs. It will only make you look like an idiot.
  • DONT waste your money on luck of the draw or any other outlandish schemes.
  • DONT run for mayor. Waste of time + Waste of Pbs = worse than buying scratch cards.

Ok, so now for what you can do to earn Pbs. (If you want the basics check out my Top Ten Powerbuck Making Schemes for some good ideas).
  • Rate Books. You can earn 50 Pbs per book - not much but it adds up.
  • Take Polls in the poll booth - 250 Pbs per poll but you can only vote once (again not much).
  • Design Postcards. If you are creative enough you can earn between 10,000 and 20,000 Pbs. Cards can only be entered once a month. For more info visit the Post Office in Xiang Chung-Shi.
  • One really important choice is between Eurobank and NBIC. Eurobank pays much higher interest but requires a minimum of 100,000 PBs to open an account and to recieve interest. NBIC has no minimum, and also has long term bonds available that have very high interest rates. To see more information on the banks, click here.

Unable to speak to participants of Kyla's Expidition?

Make sure you arent on another quest right now. If you are, you will have to finish it off before you can continue.

Kyla's Expidition Participants

In this order:

  1. Ric Rickshaw Driver (ENB)
  2. Zookeeper Russel (Xiang Chung-Shi)
  3. Randy The Librarian (2nd floor of Bureau)
  4. Grandpa Gekkie (Power Temple)
  5. Dr. Sayahh (Vet)
  6. Archeologist Bungee (Caves - Kimberroo)
  7. Judge Dwight (In PP We Trust)
  8. Serah (Point Taken - Kimberroo)
  9. Tad (Diving School)
  10. Padam (You know where he is!)

Becoming Supreme Elite

You can find out if you pass the requirements to become supreme elite by visiting the Power Temple in Xiang Chung-Shi. Or you can use this handy checklist:

  • 2 Job Cycles completed.

  • Pet 1000 strength.

  • 2 minis with 100 armor each.

  • 3000 books read and rated.

  • 10 land deeds worth of land.

  • Active $5,000,000 PB savings bond.

  • Supreme Elite Trophy on-hands.

Vault Code For the Vault in Kimberoo

First go to the the blue face. The click on the news van for the newletter.
When you do this you should get the message:

"Hi! Thanks for being interested in the Power Pets Newsletter.

Congratulations, you have qualified for an RCode. Your RCode is: XXXXUse this code in the newsletter to unlock your vault code.

You can read the newsletter by clicking the following link: NEWSLETTER"

So write down your Rcode, then click the newslteer link to go to the newsletter. On the left hand side there should be something that looks like this:

"Collect Your

Vault Code

Your User Name

Your RCode

The vault code option is only available to current Power Pets players who were active before the newsletter was released."So input you username and Rcode and it should give you the vault code. Players are limited to one code only from the newsletter.