Top Ten Powerbuck-Making Schemes

10. Be refferred to Powerpets. If you havnt already got an account on Powerpets you can start out with 5000 Pbs instead of 1000. Follow someones refferal banner (or something like that) and you can earn them money too.

9. Try your luck (or wisdom) on the POWEX stock exchange. A little bit of research and well invested PBs may go a long way! (its still a little risky).

8. Playing Games. Choose a game that you are good at and enjoy playing, this is a great way for some quick PBs and doesnt require too much effort.

7. Write a Book. If you are a good writer, submit a book to Powerpets. If they accept it you will earn money everytime someone reads it.

6.Refferrals. Sign friends up to Powerpets and earn PBs when they play. Just remember that you wont earn any money if they are inactive (or they dont come online very often).

5. Design an Item and submit it to Powerpets ( If they want to use your item they will pay you in PBs. Im dont know how much they pay, but I'm sure they will make it worth while.

4. Invest Your PBs. The banks are there for a reason, and they can really help you to earn pbs. Take advantage of the high interest rates on long term savings accounts and the dosh will roll in! You will need to save up a minimum of 100,000 Pbs before doing this, and it wont be available to you while its in the bank, so make sure you dont put it all in at once.

3. Restocking. If you have a fast enough internet connection, restocking is a great way to earn PBs. Read my restocking guide for tips on how to maximise your profits.

2. Collect those freebies!

1. Save Your Pbs. The more you have, the more you can make out of them. There is nothing easier than spending those hard-earned Pbs so this is by far the hardest part - but if you stick to it you will have that item you are saving for in no time!